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The Indie Series Awards will be given out on April 6, 2016 in North Hollywood and Single and Dating in Vancouver has been nominated for Best Ensemble! Paralee had a great time as guest star "Marsha Rabold" in S2 Eps 3 and there's a rumour that Marsha will be back! The first 3 episodes of season 2 came online on February 10th.

FALL 2015
Normally Paralee plays cops, nurses and paramedics, but on Ties That Bind on UPTV (starring Kelli Williams and Dion Johnson) she got a chance to play a rough-around-the-edges mother. When the police come to her doorstep looking for her son, "Gwen" has no idea where he is. She had been out on the town all night and proudly admits that she and her son have a "don't ask don't tell policy."

Watch for Paralee in an upcoming episode of the hit ABC series Once Upon A TIme! She had a great time filming with the fantastic cast and crew. Unfortunately, due to confidentiality agreements, that's all we can share for now.

FALL 2014
Mountain Men
premiered at the Whistler Film Festival in early December. It was well attended by cast, crew and locals and well received by all.

Paralee is so excited to be a part of the feature film Mountain Men starring Tyler Labine (Deadbeat, Animal Practice) and Chace Crawford (Gossip Girl). Mountain Men is a dramatic comedy about two estranged brothers who accidently burn down their family cabin, leaving them stranded in the wintery Rocky Mountains. They have to learn to work together to survive and return to civilization. The film is set and was shot entirely in Revelstoke, BC and is written and directed by Cam Labine. Watch for it at the Toronto International Film Festival this September.

Come to the Crazy 8s Gala Screening on March 1st at The Centre and catch a cameo of Paralee in Shauna Johannesen's Bedbugs: A Musical Love Story, directed by Matthew Kowalchuk, produced by Sean Tyson, music by James Danderfer. More info can be found at

FALL 2013
It's film festival time. Lawrence and Hollowman is an official selection of the Vancouver International Film Festival and the Edmonton International Film Festival. Hope you get to see a screening of this funny film. Down Here is an official selection of the Whistler Film Festival! Check out the screening on December 7th at Millennium Place in Whistler.

It's beautiful in Vancouver this summer and Paralee is excited to be cast in the upcoming series Tide Waters. Tide Waters is a sci-fi show about the last town on earth after a terrible incident, and her character Barbara is the secretary at the police office.

Watch for Paralee playing a hostage in the second season of Continuum. She thought there would be a chance to use her Method acting chops being stuck in the hold of a fishing boat, but someone got in there and cleaned it right out! Wasn't smelly at all.


Independent film holds a big place in Paralee's heart, so she was thrilled to accepted the part of a Daytime Hooker in Teach Grant and Dean Wray's feature film. Quite different than the cops she usually plays in stories like this! Down Here is about a weary detective investigating the murders of young streetwalkers in the Downtown Eastside area of Vancouver.

FALL 2012

Thanksgiving brought an opportunity to play a police officer again. This time alongside Thandie Newton and Kathryn Kirkpatrick in Rogue, a new series from e one that will be on DirecTV in the new year.

After a few attempts at getting her to play different characters, writer/director Matthew Kowalchuk invited Paralee to play a cameo in his directorial debut, Lawrence and Holloman. Paralee was excited to work with the fantastic Ben Cotton and is so proud of the indie filmmakers.

Paralee was cast in a principal role as a nurse on the highly acclaimed AMC series, The Killing. Her episode airs on May 27, 2012.

She was also seen as a nurse in the BC Hospital Employees Union commercials that ran
in March. Who needs to go to medical school? :)

FALL 2011
The feature film Everything and Everyone premiered at the Vancouver International Film Festival on October 12, 2011.
"Family relationships and romantic ties collide in Tracy D. Smith’s feature directorial debut, with brutal emotional results. A mother begins to tell her children she has a terminal illness, while her children and grandchild struggle to fix their own messy emotional lives. There are enough melodramatic subplots to make your head spin, but Everything and Everyone functions primarily as a showcase for some of the best acting talent Canada’s west coast has to offer." Paralee plays Peggy, a friend of the group at Amanda's (Chelah Horsdal) house party, and is also an Associate Producer. E&E will screen again at the Image+Nation festival international cinema lgbt in Montreal on October 28, 2011.

Paralee is currently in New York City training on Broadway at the prestigious Circle In The Square Theatre School. If you are in NY, you can catch her class' one night Cabaret performance on August 11, 2011 at the Circle In The Square Theater on West 50th and Broadway. Look for the Godspell signs right beside Wicked.